Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 6. Ask me for anything – Kingdom Prayer. John 14:5-14

 If you could ask God for anything, what would it be? When Jesus said “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it,” did He really mean it? We often limit prayer to acquiring a thing, when it is really about acquiring kingdoms. Prayer is a spiritual weapon. The Kingdom Prayer is more about understanding what God wants to do rather than asking Him to bless our own agenda.

Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 5. Do What I Do. Say What I Say. John 14:5-14.

Jesus was here for a purpose – to be a visible presence of God. Everything He said and did was directly from the Father’s heart. In this scripture, Jesus said that “anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” When people see you, do they see God? What is your purpose? Is it personal? Or is it God’s purpose? Pastor Adam offers perspective on bringing our life into alignment with God.

Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 4. Jesus is the Way to the Father. John 14:5-14.

When Jesus proclaimed “I am the way…to the Father…” He was stating that there is only one ultimate destination – knowing God as Father. For Jesus, relationship is the destination for our life. Pastor Adam asks, “where are you going? And will you be happy when you get there?” If your life pursuit is about getting that shiny thing – career, house, whatever, consider if you are on the right path according to Jesus.

Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 3. Our Father – Part 2. Mathew 6:5-15.

Prayer is eternal and the Our Father prayer that Jesus taught us to pray is a spiritual transaction and private conversation with God, our Father. Prayer cements your temporal life into reality to make earth more like heaven. Jesus says that when we pray we get rewarded, but that doesn’t mean we should pray to get a reward. We should pray to build relationship with our Father.

Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 2. Our Father. Mathew 6:5-15.

When Jesus begins with “Our Father…” in teaching us how to pray, it was intended to change our perspective of God. Jesus used the word “Father” six times in this scripture to help us dismantle the far away, angry God framework. God as Father is one of the most radical religious concepts known to mankind. When you understand and digest God as your Father, it changes everything. We can then pray to an approachable loving Father and walk in the assurance of faith.

Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 1. I Will Not Leave You As Orphans. John 14:15-21.

Jesus said some things that might be considered provocative or out of context. When He talked about orphans, He was not speaking to orphans but rather to adults. The mission of Jesus was to restore God’s children back to Him as our Father. Discover what it means to be a son or daughter of the King and experience His love in your life.

The Politics of Jesus: Episode Two. Romans 13:1-7.

What are politics doing to your soul? Politics are ultimately about three things: governance, law and power. And history has taught us that power unchecked corrupts in both governments and the church. Pastor Adam explores how believers can filter our politics through scripture and how your prayer is even more important than your vote.

The Politics of Jesus: Episode One. John 19:1-12.

The politics of Jesus are meant to satisfy God rather than man. God’s politics are other worldly…not of this world. Political change is always accomplished first in human hearts. Pastor Adam explores God’s vision for his followers regarding kingdom politics and how to find peace in the midst of the world’s politics.

REST: Episode 2 – He Makes Me Lie Down. Psalm 23

REST: Episode 2 – He Makes Me Lie Down. Psalm 23 The 23rd Psalm is immersed in peace and rest. You rarely see a shepherd running with his sheep. In scripture God is portrayed as the Great Shepherd. Who or what is shepherding your life? What voices and crazy makers do you follow? Following the Good Shepherd leads us to peace and restoration and into the house of the Lord.