Accelerate: Episode 7. Worship: A Journey Into Reality – Part 2. Revelation 4:1-11.

These days, purity is scorned in our society – actually a despised commodity. Yet, this scripture tells us that crowns are given to the ones that are pure. Pastor Adam explores the different blessing and protection for those in the church who choose purity over living according to the flesh.

Accelerate: Episode 6. Worship: A Journey Into Reality – Part 1. Revelation 4:1-11.

We are living in a world where “your truth” supersedes “The Truth.” Worship is about knowing and expressing the truth of God. Worship transports us dimensionally into a true reality. It puts us in touch with purity. The bible shows us the door to entering a perfect and true reality.

Accelerate: Episode 5. Prayer – Speaking the Language of Heaven Luke 11:1-13.

The secret of prayer is praying. Jesus made prayer habitual, and the disciples realized a connection between the dynamism of Jesus’ life and His prayers. Jesus is daring you to pray ridiculous prayers with shameless audacity. He is offering more than you are asking for.

Accelerate: Episode 4. Abba Father: The Authoritative Parent.

Psalm 119:1-16. How do you think of God? We tend to project the parenting style of our own parents onto God. The trend these days is often for “permissive” spirituality…like the fun parent who lets us have our way. But God gave us laws to guard our way. And He gave us hope and joy through the resurrection and redemptive power of Jesus.

Accelerate: Episode 3. Time With God. Mark 1:35-39.

Accelerate: Episode 3. Time With God. Mark 1:35-39. The human attention span is at its lowest…ever. Our daily lives are increasingly out of focus, overwhelmed and chaotic. In this verse, Jesus was in great demand, but He chose to spend time with His Father. This is how He got direction for His life. Spending daily, dedicated time with God is the best way to find power and peace in our life.

Accelerate: Episode 2. Being A Disciple. Luke 5:1-11.

Are you a disciple? Being a true disciple is a lifelong process of “dying to self” and allowing Christ to come alive within us. It’s not comfortable, requiring faith and obedience. But it leads to exponential living, freedom and blessing. Maybe it’s time to accept Jesus’ call to go into deeper waters as His disciple.

Easter Sunday Sermon. Rolling Stones. Mark 16:1-9

Easter Sunday Sermon. Rolling Stones. Mark 16:1-9. Often, just a few key events will shape the trajectory of your life. Many of these expose a stone and a tomb – addiction, sin, health or money issues. Maybe you need a miracle to roll away the stone and escape your tomb. The miracle of Easter shows us how the faith-filled life NEVER asks that you move your own stones. When was your last miracle?

Palm Sunday Sermon. Never Judge A Gospel By Its Popularity Luke 19:28-40.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem and within a week he would be dead, condemned to be crucified by the voices of the same crowds lauding him as the coming king, but why? Jewish leaders condemned him for what he had been saying and doing, and the crowds for what he ended up NOT doing. They lost faith when he did not save himself. They couldn’t see the bigger picture.

Accelerate: Episode 1. The Great Commission. Matthew 28:16-20

The last words of Jesus on earth instruct us was to, “go and make disciples.” Pastor Adam begins a new sermon series to accelerate our faith beyond the starting blocks. The first core essential is to lean on the unchanging truth of God’s word. If we really want to change the world, go and make disciples. There is no Plan B.

The Crown: Episode 7. Rest On All Sides. 2 Samuel 7:8-11.

Is your life all about getting “Likes?” One of the curses of our age is convincing people that they must be great to have value. David never pursued greatness, greatness pursued David. He allowed his life to be crafted by God. Let God take you to the place you were meant to be. You might just find peace and rest there, instead of chasing Likes.