Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death

On the weekend I watched 60 minutes, a regular pastime since I was a child. I remember hiding behind the couch after being sent to bed to listen to Reasoner (Great name for a broadcaster) and Wallace. What struck me was how most every other commercial showed someone firing a weapon, but no one on social media seemed to take notice. It’s like we live in a society yelling about  the charging lion while the bear stands at our side.

The new Bronson “Death Wish” remake coming out is just another example of how we march in the streets with anger about the same things we entertain ourselves with at night. We are a culture that loves death. CSI, one of the most popular shows on t.v  is so twisted and sickening I cannot even watch a trailers as I consume my Sunday night news program. I wonder what Reasoner would say today if he saw the content that funds his creation? Unfortunately, before I could get to the remote, my 10 year old daughter saw a trailer for this week’s CSI featuring an episode homage to Jeffery Dalhmer the cannibal. But since it is the good guys getting the bad we normalize it as viewing pleasure and use it to unwind with popcorn and wine. We blast our politicians for where they get their contributions, but don’t hold the same stance on media outlets that take millions to air murder after murder on our flat-screens.

Until we demolish violence as a cultural icon that we worship at, destroying its stronghold, the discussion on bump stocks, AK47s and the like seems moot. I’m not saying that we should not have them, just that it seems disingenuous. Heck, we even give death to our kids in their stockings in the form of video games on Christmas. In the end violence sells and as long as we continue loving death from the womb to the grave we will not heal.  The entertainment industry knows it and you don’t hear them calling for censorship of guns in what they peddle. No, we love our death and will feast upon it in our schools, streets, homes and churches until we address the bigger issue of wanting life more than death.

Creating a Culture of Victory 1 Sam 22:1-5

When a victim, is it a state of permanency? OR: Are you taking responsibility and performing the actions to transition from victimized or victim to victor. David, just like Jesus, where victimized. David gave us a template, in how to transition from victimized to victor. Pastor Adam explores the story of David and draws out for us heart changing lessons we need to apply to our own lives. Key question: Who are you transforming (it can be yourself or others) and what are you transforming them into?

A Biblical Approach to Human Sexuality: LUST Matthew 5:27-30

Lust is a desire that causes one to be consumed with desire in their physical, spiritual and emotional self. Lust is mostly used in reference to sexual sin, but sexual sin is just one form of lust. Scripture says tha sexual sin is comprehensive in its destruction. Jesus preaches radical repentance. Tip your scales in the direction of the Spirit and reject the arguments of the world.

Blood Money Sermon Series – Part 1: A Woman, Perfume and the Cost of Forgiveness. Luke 7:40-50.

The sinful woman in this story is living in a different economy and exchanging a different currency. Money is a product of the fall of mankind and symbolizes an inequality. The scripture uses financial language to define our sinful condition. What if money had no ability to influence our emotions?

Holy Ghost Revival: Amazing Things Joshua 3:3-6

When we go forward in life, are we approaching it from our own strength or spiritually with God in the lead. When Joshua conquered the land, he let the spiritual lead the physical. Are you looking for God’s movements ahead of your own? Join Pastor Adam as he explores the amazing things that follow consecration. Maybe revival is just a prayer away.

Jesus “Primarily” Did Not Come To Save You

Understanding Why Jesus Came. 1 John 4:7-17. For the love of God: Jesus comes into the world. You cannot give eternity a name. God could have expressed Himself as a Google-inity. God intentionally limits Himself in the explanation of the Trinity to give finite humanity a handhold in understanding the eternal. Scripture gives us a minimum of 31 reasons why Jesus came to earth.