Do You Have A Poverty Spirit?

Paul’s 2nd missionary journey to the Barbaric North (Macedonia) revealed a group of churches that would eventually become a lifeline for him as he toiled in a Roman prison. These were some of the most poor people in the region, but they never let their poverty define them. Instead, these people become some of the […]

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Oy Vey! Who are all these Goyim?

The first church had a good problem. Both Jews and Gentiles were becoming Christ followers, but each had different needs and perspectives. Paul’s was a chameleon, a master at being able to reach any person and in any audience. That seems to be a lost skill in the bi-faith and bi-partisan world we live in. In this message I talk about how to effectively communicate the gospel to a wide variety of people no matter their background.

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Sarah Connor, some Samaritans, Simon the Sorcerer, and a Cyborg from the future

What does a Cyborg from the future and being filled with the Holy Spirit have to do with each other? The answer is found in how we show up before God? Do we, like the Teminator show up naked and free from our otherworldly attachments or do we come to God with a bunch of […]

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Book of Acts


Stephen was the first Christian Martyr, but that’s not where his story started. It started by saying yes to an opportunity to serve widows and orphans while sitting in the pew. Stephen had no idea where this would lead, but as we know, if you give God an inch He will take an eternity.

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