The Crown: Episode 3. Hold On Loosely. 2 Samuel 3:1 and 6-11 Episode 3

If you are going to walk with God, you’ll have to fight an internal civil war where the only path to ultimate victory is total surrender. God establishes kingdoms to surrendered hearts. What are you afraid of losing? Instead of living in fear, let God win your battles for you.

The Crown: Episode 2. Kings Without A Crown. 2 Samuel 2:1-7. Episode 2

What is your personal purpose? What is the meaning of life? Many people exchange knowing God for finding their purpose. David never chased the Crown. But he did seek relationship with God. This lesson teaches us not to chase destiny, but to seek the right thing in God’s will.

The Crown: Episode 1. The Death of Saul. 1 Samuel 1:1-16. Episode 1

Are you chasing a destiny…or walking in God’s destiny for you? Pastor Adam begins a new series on the chapter of David’s life when he becomes king as he was anointed by God. And that’s when the trouble began. David was a very flawed man, desperately in love with God. Are you waiting for your destiny to find you? Or chasing it on your own?

Run with the Pack: Episode 2. Massive Social Change. Acts 2:42-47.

Large scale spiritual and social transformation begins at the doors of the local church. Not built upon big projects and programs, but rather crucified hearts. God’s Word offers a compass and an anchor. When we take it into our hearts and devote ourselves to the church community, social restoration happens.

Run with the Pack: Episode 1. Why You Need the Church. Acts 2:42-47.

Faith was never meant to be lived in solitude, but rather in solidarity. Jesus said that when 2 or 3 believers are gathered in one place, He is there among them. That doesn’t mean He abandons us as individuals, but that there is even more strength in numbers. Pastor Adam encourages us to devote ourselves to being part of the church community.


This is an idea that I have been considering for a few year’s now, especially as it relates to Christian culture. The bag of goods you are being promised is that if you can just find that “thing” or “purpose” or “center of God’s will” than you will have all of those riches Christ promised. These would by hope, joy, contentment. The problem is that those things are not found in making it to some destination, but rather in Christ alone. This is the bait and switch that offers all Christ gives you for free and says you have to reach some imaginary place of future being to have it. It is Christ plus “your purpose” will bring fulfillment and man does it sell…

Joy to the World: Episode 2 More Than Happy

Proverbs 13:12,19Happiness….Joy….Happiness….Joy….???? What is the difference, is there a difference? Is it possible to have Joy even in the midst of sorrow? Understand the relationship that Hope has with Joy. In this sermon, Pastor Adam explores the complex relationship between the heart, hope, and joy.

Joy to the World: Part 1. MORE than Happy. Hebrews 12:1-3.

Joy to the World: Part 1. …MORE than Happy. Hebrews 12:1-3. The Christ following life is meant to be characterized by Joy. While we often expect Joy to be a natural byproduct of Christ following, it actually takes work. It also requires changing your heart and removing hindrances that strangle Joy. Pastor Adam begins this Christmas season with a template for creating a heart that manufactures Joy.

SPENT: Episode 2. What’s SOW Important About the Harvest? Proverbs 3:9-10; Isaiah 61:1-7

Tithing starts with the understanding that we are God’s greatest treasure and He is ours. Tithing is an overflow of this understanding. It is with that foundation and understanding that sacrificial generosity unlocks “deeper favor” upon your life from God. Join Pastor Adam as we learn what it looks like when you move away from thin margins of giving to walking in the deep favor of God.

My Interview With Life Coach Kent Porter

Kent Porter is a faith-based executive life and business coach who has worked with companies like Apple, Disney and Qualcom just to name just a few. Kent has a passion for people and helping them find passion in their workplace no matter what they do. Kent and I sit down to talk about work culture, faith and fixing your frustrations at work.