The Audacity Of Jesus: Sermon By Harry Wilson 9/24/17

The Audacity of Jesus John 5:1-17 Join pastor Harry Wilson in learning about Jesus’ audacity. Jesus sought individual relationships, not just the following of a crowd. What does this mean to you, learn about the audacious claims Jesus makes, and the effect this should have on you on a personal level.

Brian Hardin: Sneezing Jesus Message at La Jolla Christian Fellowship

Daily Audio Bible founder and author Brian Hardin visits La Jolla Christian Fellowship to deliver an insightful and powerful message. Every day over the past twelve years, Brian has read the Bible to millions of listeners. His latest book is titled “Sneezing Jesus.”

The Holy Things Vodcast: Sneezing Jesus interview with Brian Hardin from the Daily Audio Bible

Twelve years ago, Brian Hardin started a podcast where he read the Bible online every day and made it though the entire scriptures in 12 months. Today, 2500,000 listen to Brian read God’s word. In my interview with him, we talk about, burgers, the values behind of the Daily Audio Bible, his new book Sneezing Jesus as well as what’s ahead for this movement.

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Contentment in a Discontented World – Part 1.

Everything is Meaningless. Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 – If Solomon was the world’s most successful person, then why would he write Ecclesiastes, a book filled with discontentment? Enough is never enough. What brings meaning is not what you have or what you have done, but the values that lie as the foundation of both.

The Holy Things Vodcast: The Interviews With Rondi Pogue

After battling an eating disorder for years, Rondi woke up to the realization that enough would never be enough. This started a journey into helping young women find their worth in something more than a duck-face selfie or a man’s or other woman’s embrace. Sit back and buckle your seatbelt, you are in for a great discussion.


David Won’t Be Bullied 1 Samuel 17:20-37

Israel’s response to threats was to do nothing, but David, a man after God’s own hart, responded differently as well as translating Goliath’s taunts with a different Spirit led decoder. David was faced with adversity from both sides of the conflict; Join Pastor Adam as he explores how David’s response provides us insights for dealing with our daily and extraordinary challenges in a God driven way.

The Holy Things Vodcast: Episode 2 Scary Giants

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The Holy Things Vodcast: Episode 2 Scary Giants. In this episode we talk about how David led a life of dominion rather than one of control. We also look at how to defeat the giants in our lives. Adam blows the shofar and Joe keeps in real with his Cranberries impersonations from the 90s.