King David Part 2: The Fugitive. 1 Samuel 26. Episode 7: David Spares Saul (Again)

 Trusting outcomes to the Lord. David achieved passive victory through spiritual activity rather than physical assault. Slander is pervasive in our culture today. Why does God hate slander so much? Slander is meant to destroy you, and rob from you and diminish you in the eyes of others. Trusting the Lord to win your battles is especially effective when dealing with slander. Let God win your victory for you.

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David the Fugitive – Part 2: Episode 5 Abigail Saves David From Sin 1 Samuel 25:28-34

Join Pastor Adam as he explores the person of Abigail. She is a woman of both beauty and inelegance, worthy to rule alongside David. She provides us a model of what God intended for women. Abigail provides us with inspiration and a model that women and men will benefit in immeasurable ways to learn.

King David The Fugitive. Episode 4: 1 Samuel 24:1-7 Choosing Not To Strike.

As David was fleeing from Saul, refuge was his rescue. Rather than rushing in to fight a battle, he chose a safe place to hide. We are always looking for a way out, but the way out is to go in #InvokeThePresence. David was a master at avoiding traps. Traps are meant to catch us by surprise and put us into bondage – financial, relational, physical, emotional, and cultural traps. For David, power was a trap. But instead of seizing power, David allowed the Lord to give Him the victory.

Stuff Churches Like: Top 10 List

One of my favorite things to do is watch Christian church culture morph and change. I’m not talking about the core stuff like evangelism, mission or our views on the atonement, but rather the not so important stuff, the stuff we like, until we don’t. Here are some of our current favorites. If your church scores at least 5 of these 10 you can consider yourself #BLESSED.

10. Fair Trade Coffee Coffee Sourced From Indigenous People Groups:

It started in the 80s with Folgers and a styrofoam cup. In the 90’s it was all about the in-church coffee shops like “Holy Grounds”, “HeBrews” and “Jehova Java”. Today we have gone missional with our coffee and are fighting global injustice with every drop.

9.The Episodic Sermon Series:

Who wants to spend 68 weeks in the book of Numbers. Not me. Rather, give me short punchy 6-8 week sermons filled with challenge and invitation. And by the way, keep um under 28 minutes and make sure that I’m the star.

8. Beards and Hair:

You would have to imagine that any man who aspires to be a pastor but cannot grow a full beard or is thinning is definitely questioning his calling at this point in the game.

7. Motion Graphics:

Nothing says “Building Campaign” like rolling out the motion graphics video. We love simple, animation with smooth voice overs to get that ground breaking event kick-started.


6. Livestock

No big church holiday event is complete without livestock. Give us our petting zoos and full blown Christmas extravaganzas complete with live elephants. While ceremonial livestock was also true for Isrealites in the time of Moses, it seems that a sacrificial bull might have the children running for the exits and PETA at our door.

5. Smoke And Fog

I recently heard at a church conference that we don’t want to give them church, we want to give them an experience. Unfortunately a few weekends ago a local toddler experienced emotional trauma after not being able to find his parents in the service for 26 minutes.

4. Found Wood Backdrops:

Pretty sure that we are nearing the end of the pallet wood backdrop trend. After 10 years or so of making our cold warehouse churches feel like warm Alpine lodges, it won’t be long until the youth group is burning them down at the beach this summer.

3. The Edison Light:

Ok, I like these, but you need 126 of them to produce enough ambient light to read a book by at night. I wonder when really sterile white LED lights will become in and we think that having churches that look like operating rooms will be cool? #HeIsTheLight

2. Gold Rush Era Worship Leaders:

I’m pretty sure that most worship leader job descriptions these day include smithing, biscuit making and proficiency in playing the saw.

1. Jesus

While the church loves its trends and chasing the next fad, most of all I still find that churches love Jesus and he will put up with all of our shenanigans if we keep the first thing first.




Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death

On the weekend I watched 60 minutes, a regular pastime since I was a child. I remember hiding behind the couch after being sent to bed to listen to Reasoner (Great name for a broadcaster) and Wallace. What struck me was how most every other commercial showed someone firing a weapon, but no one on social media seemed to take notice. It’s like we live in a society yelling about  the charging lion while the bear stands at our side.

The new Bronson “Death Wish” remake coming out is just another example of how we march in the streets with anger about the same things we entertain ourselves with at night. We are a culture that loves death. CSI, one of the most popular shows on t.v  is so twisted and sickening I cannot even watch a trailers as I consume my Sunday night news program. I wonder what Reasoner would say today if he saw the content that funds his creation? Unfortunately, before I could get to the remote, my 10 year old daughter saw a trailer for this week’s CSI featuring an episode homage to Jeffery Dalhmer the cannibal. But since it is the good guys getting the bad we normalize it as viewing pleasure and use it to unwind with popcorn and wine. We blast our politicians for where they get their contributions, but don’t hold the same stance on media outlets that take millions to air murder after murder on our flat-screens.

Until we demolish violence as a cultural icon that we worship at, destroying its stronghold, the discussion on bump stocks, AK47s and the like seems moot. I’m not saying that we should not have them, just that it seems disingenuous. Heck, we even give death to our kids in their stockings in the form of video games on Christmas. In the end violence sells and as long as we continue loving death from the womb to the grave we will not heal.  The entertainment industry knows it and you don’t hear them calling for censorship of guns in what they peddle. No, we love our death and will feast upon it in our schools, streets, homes and churches until we address the bigger issue of wanting life more than death.

Creating a Culture of Victory 1 Sam 22:1-5

When a victim, is it a state of permanency? OR: Are you taking responsibility and performing the actions to transition from victimized or victim to victor. David, just like Jesus, where victimized. David gave us a template, in how to transition from victimized to victor. Pastor Adam explores the story of David and draws out for us heart changing lessons we need to apply to our own lives. Key question: Who are you transforming (it can be yourself or others) and what are you transforming them into?