The Crown: Episode 7. Rest On All Sides. 2 Samuel 7:8-11.

Is your life all about getting “Likes?” One of the curses of our age is convincing people that they must be great to have value. David never pursued greatness, greatness pursued David. He allowed his life to be crafted by God. Let God take you to the place you were meant to be. You might just find peace and rest there, instead of chasing Likes.

REST: Episode 3 – The Sabbath Year. Leviticus 25:1-7

Things that don’t rest, break. God’s commandment of a Sabbath was not a suggestion. Keeping the Sabbath is a holy act unto the Lord. One of the most subtle attacks of the enemy is to destroy Sabbath. Pastor Adam explains how Sabbath keeping brings blessing and prosperity.

REST: Episode 1 Genesis 2:3

In a world filled with 24/7 attention demands; REST is a foreign concept. Group Chat … calls wherever and whenever … email …. meetings … objectives …. the list of demands for our time are endless. Our purpose is to REST in God’s presence, rest is not laziness and when we rest we enter into the very nature of God. Join Pastor Adam as we explore the biblical narrative of REST.