SPENT: Episode 2. What’s SOW Important About the Harvest? Proverbs 3:9-10; Isaiah 61:1-7

Tithing starts with the understanding that we are God’s greatest treasure and He is ours. Tithing is an overflow of this understanding. It is with that foundation and understanding that sacrificial generosity unlocks “deeper favor” upon your life from God. Join Pastor Adam as we learn what it looks like when you move away from thin margins of giving to walking in the deep favor of God.

SPENT: Episode 1. What the Bible Says About Tithing. Malachi 3:6-12.

Tithing is not the Lotto. The tithe was an obligatory law of Moses requiring 10 percent of the first fruits of the harvest. It was a reminder that all things we have are His. Is tithing still required? No. God paid the debt due to the law by tithing His son. God is not a fan of the mandatory tithe. He loves when we give freely with a cheerful heart.

Blood Money Sermon Series – Part 1: A Woman, Perfume and the Cost of Forgiveness. Luke 7:40-50.

The sinful woman in this story is living in a different economy and exchanging a different currency. Money is a product of the fall of mankind and symbolizes an inequality. The scripture uses financial language to define our sinful condition. What if money had no ability to influence our emotions?


Last month consumer debt reached one trillion dollars. This is far surpassed by the United States eleven trillion dollar total. As a people we are in bondage. But what does the bible say about debt and why did Jesus talk about money so much? In the message pastor Adam talks about how Jesus uses financial debt to talk about a much larger debt we all owe and what he intends to do about it.

Do You Have A Poverty Spirit?

Paul’s 2nd missionary journey to the Barbaric North (Macedonia) revealed a group of churches that would eventually become a lifeline for him as he toiled in a Roman prison. These were some of the most poor people in the region, but they never let their poverty define them. Instead, these people become some of the most generous ever mentioned in God’s word. In this message we seek to find tools to release generosity into every area of our life, not just the financial.