The Tongue: Episode 3. The Word of Encouragement Acts 15:32 & 9:27

Various. Encouragement fuels Kingdom growth and drives destiny. The final part of our 21-day tongue cleanse looks at encouraging stories in the Bible and how words were used to alter individual and corporate destiny. Encouragement also allows us to live in the supernatural, expecting miracles. Your words could strengthen somebody.

The Tongue: Episode 2 Gossip and Slander. Ephesians 4:29, James, Proverbs.

Gossip wouldn’t exist if we didn’t consume it. Continuing the 21-day cleanse of our tongue and the words we use, Pastor Adam asks us to commit to becoming a gossip-free church. His message explains how gossip and slander affirm lack rather than abundance. How it is in direct conflict with God’s Law. And how it poisons and destroys us from the inside out. Grace and encouragement are the wholesome approach.