Easter Sunday. Looking for Life. Luke 24:1-12.

Easter Sunday. Looking for Life. Luke 24:1-12. The Bible is filled with some of the greatest questions ever asked. One of the most important happened on the day of Jesus’ Resurrection – Why do you look for the living among the dead? Life is the premier value of Christ following and the foundation for all other of its values. Where are you looking for life? It is God’s passion to bring life to the dead areas of your existence. Jesus is rarely found where you look for Him.

Holy Ghost Revival: Amazing Things Joshua 3:3-6

When we go forward in life, are we approaching it from our own strength or spiritually with God in the lead. When Joshua conquered the land, he let the spiritual lead the physical. Are you looking for God’s movements ahead of your own? Join Pastor Adam as he explores the amazing things that follow consecration. Maybe revival is just a prayer away.

Pentecost: I want more of the Spirit

Many believers follow God, read the bible and pray, but never feel any sense of connection or power in their walk with God. In this talk, bible teacher Elliott Sterns drops an incredibly powerful message that will give you the tools to encounter the Holy Spirit in a real and meaningful way.

Living A Supernatural Life Acts 5:12-16

The Holy Spirit was going viral in the first church at Jerusalem. They were a people living beyond their spiritual margins. They were deeply steeped in signs and wonders. Today we live beyond the wrong margins. We over exert our health margins or our stress margins, but what if God was calling you and your church to live beyond your spiritual margins? What if the Holy Spirit went viral in your heart.

The Secret Sauce Of Pentecost


We see the first church in Acts and are amazed. We want the power, the evangelism, the grace. What we fail to understand is that there were certain essentials in place to see that type of dynamic experience. This is true not only for churches but marriages, friendships and work environments. So what was the secret sauce of Pentecost?