The Art Of Invitation: Evangelism or simple invitation? Matthew 22:14.

Matthew 22:14. This is a parable meant to show contrast and teach, but perhaps not to call us towards absolutes. The scene is a wedding feast for a king’s son. Servants are sent to do the work of invitation. Evangelism or Christ telling is the art of invitation.

Oy Vey! Who are all these Goyim?

The first Christ followers had a good problem. Both Jews and Gentiles (or Goyim in Yiddish) were becoming Christ followers, but each had different needs, perspectives and traditions. Paul was a chameleon, an artist, a master at being able to reach any person of any audience. This ability to evangelically cross pollinate seems to be a lost skill in the fractured world we live in. In this message I talk about how to effectively communicate the gospel to a wide variety of people no matter their background.

Evangelism and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit


Evangelicals have a conundrum on their hands. The very title suggest that they have a public faith, but few people feel equipped our empowered to make Jesus real to others in common everyday places they live. Pastor Adam Stadtmiller again breaks down the baptism of the Holy Spirit and it fundamental purpose. Evangelism.