Rooted Series Episode 2

Episode two of the Rooted Series takes us back to the beginning of time and to a time before time. It is here, outside of the created order that God took the raw material of His very nature and cast it like a living dye into the creation. This understanding is a building block for those determining to live a faith-based and faith-filled life. Take a listen and discover perhaps a new cornerstone to your faith as we week to re-frame our lives into a living adventure.

What’s the deal with the blood of Jesus

As Paul concludes years of missional work in Asia minor, he sums up what its all been about and gives a few thoughts on life in Christ and the power of the blood of Jesus. Blood is an interesting metaphor in the scripture and if we are honest a bit odd and hard to understand, but if we look deep we will find a power greater than any force in the universe.