Stuff Jesus Said: Episode 3. Our Father – Part 2. Mathew 6:5-15.

Prayer is eternal and the Our Father prayer that Jesus taught us to pray is a spiritual transaction and private conversation with God, our Father. Prayer cements your temporal life into reality to make earth more like heaven. Jesus says that when we pray we get rewarded, but that doesn’t mean we should pray to get a reward. We should pray to build relationship with our Father.

Easter Sunday. Looking for Life. Luke 24:1-12.

Easter Sunday. Looking for Life. Luke 24:1-12. The Bible is filled with some of the greatest questions ever asked. One of the most important happened on the day of Jesus’ Resurrection – Why do you look for the living among the dead? Life is the premier value of Christ following and the foundation for all other of its values. Where are you looking for life? It is God’s passion to bring life to the dead areas of your existence. Jesus is rarely found where you look for Him.

The Giant Series: Looking For Donkeys

Israel was looking for a king and found their man. Unfortunately it was not God’s man. Nonetheless, God’s grace blessed Israel despite their decision. Also in this talk, we look at how God cares for us while we might feel we are wasting our time in life “looking for donkeys”.

Christ-Following in a Secular World

The story of Esther shows a woman living during an historical apex and tasked with the proposition of risking it all to save a people. Many would agree that the age we live in is also a historical crossroads. Secular Humanism is locking horns with a faith-based worldview. So how do we live a life of love in a new world order while keeping a deep dependence on an ancient and eternal truth?

Jesus Is A Unicorn: Matthew 10:1-15

Seeing as I can’t really explain the content of this message title, I’m just gonna have to let you decide if you want to know why Jesus is the ultimate unicorn and how he wants you to be one too. The message hits on living as a sent people to a broken world and the spiritual gifts that relate to evangelism.