The Giant Series: Looking For Donkeys

Israel was looking for a king and found their man. Unfortunately it was not God’s man. Nonetheless, God’s grace blessed Israel despite their decision. Also in this talk, we look at how God cares for us while we might feel we are wasting our time in life “looking for donkeys”.

The Giant Series: Israel Ask For A King

God has a funny habit of giving us what we want. This is especially true when what we want goes against what is best for us. Israel wanted a king rather then walking the more liberating faith journey of only serving God. They paid a price for this in the end. In this sermon I talk about being all you are called to be and the temptation to take the easy way out.

The Giant Series: Samuel Meets God

Israel was spiritually stagnant due to sin. The voice of the Lord was “rare in those days”. Most of this was due to sin. Hearing the voice of the Lord can be another. In this message we look at both of these giants and put young Samuel under the microscope to see why God decided to come to this soft-hearted young boy.